Chiropractic Services In Palmdale, California

Palmdale is a large city to the north of the San Gabriel Mountains, which split it off from Los Angeles and the rest of the county. The first European settlers arrived in Palmdale (then called Palmenthal) in 1886. Most of the early settlers were Lutherans from the Midwest, looking for a rumored place near the ocean that had lots of palm trees. At the time, the settlers did not know the difference between the local Joshua trees and genuine palm trees. They went ahead and named the town after palm trees, even though there weren’t any real palms growing in the area. Despite this, the name stuck. 

Palmdale incorporated in 1962, officially becoming a city, owing to its burgeoning population. Since then, the demand for chiropractic services in the area has grown dramatically, with an increased number of residents looking for wellness support, back pain reduction, headache relief, and spinal decompression therapy. 

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